Floor sealing — Cleaning services in Alice Springs, NT
Whatever the size of your commercial or industrial business, Glenn Wastell can strip and seal your floors.

General wear and tear can leave your vinyl surfaces looking aged and discoloured, which fails to present a professional image for your business.

To refresh the appearance of your business, have Glenn strip away your floors' surface with chemicals and his specialised equipment; which will give a much deeper clean and a more sanitised finish, along with being safer for your staff or customers.

He is also happy to reseal the surface, which will add to the life of your flooring and bring it back to its original state, along with making it less time consuming for cleaning and maintenance in the future.

Floor services include:
  • Polishing and buffing of a range of surfaces
  • Stripping and sealing of all vinyl floors
  • Waterproofing

Make sure you give Glenn a call and he will offer you a competitive price to restore floors in any condition. He will finish the job quickly and efficiently, meaning less hassle for you and your staff.