Cleaning equipments — Cleaning services in Alice Springs, NT
If you want your working environment to be clean and sanitised for your staff, Robar Property Services is your first point of call.

Glenn Wastell, the professional cleaner and owner of Robar, prides himself on his hygiene standards in commercial and industrial cleaning, regularly testing the environments he cleans to make sure they meet Australian OH&S standards.

Understanding the need for keeping a consistently high level of hygiene, especially for commercial kitchens and restaurants, Glenn will inspect all cleaning undertaken and use a swab test (commonly Biotrace), to identify if there are any contaminants present.

Glenn provides regular cleaning services to restaurants, commercial kitchens, factory sites, offices, hotels and motels. He is happy to tailor a cleaning schedule for your workplace, whether you require a daily cleaner or someone who comes two-three times a week.

Understanding the need to reduce the carbon footprint, Glenn is focused on recycling the waste he collects where applicable. He also strives to use non-toxic environmentally friendly products in the businesses he cleans and limits energy consumption to minimal levels.