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Cleaning equipments — Cleaning services in Alice Springs, NT
Glenn Wastell of Robar Property Services believes in supplying his local community with a comprehensive cleaning service at a competitive price.

With several years in the industry behind him and a large client base of satisfied customers, he believes this is the cornerstone of his success in the cleaning industry.

Glenn has acquired a reputation for delivering a consistently high standard of service at a great price, while also focusing on being environmentally conscious, by limiting waste and energy consumption.

Along with his professional focus on service consistency and value for money, Glenn understands the importance of maintaining dirt-free and hygienic environments for the businesses he services.

This is essential for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) along with staff productivity; as the spread of airborne pathogens (micro-organisms), dust and other contaminants can result in allergic reactions and sickness, costing businesses time and money with staff on leave.

Glenn tries to avoid using toxic cleaning products where possible, choosing instead to apply more environmentally friendly options. He also recycles the rubbish he collects to reduce each carbon footprint for all your businesses.